The time has come...

To Experience the REAL Change!

Work from home

Many companies are changing the way they outsource their customer service! Hourly pay opportunities to work from home are now constantly available!

Save Money

Gas expenses, eating out for lunch, clothes and accesories will now be a choice!

More Time

You choose your schedule! Flexibility for family, vacations, projects, emergencies and leisure!

Lucrative Referral Program

Our referral program rewards you a residual commission for referring others to become a sub-contracting home based agent with Vega Star Systems. View compensation video below for complete details!

Direct Deposit

Get paid directly to your bank account twice a month based on intervals serviced and qualified referral commissions.

Facebook Group

We offer email support through the "Contact" link. Requests are answered within 1-2 business days.

No Experience Necessary

As long as you meet the minimum workstation requirements and can pass a background check, you are qualified to work!

Revenue Booster™ & VStore™!

Do you already have a business? Sell Products? Services? Both? Use our Revenue Booster™ to gain new views to your website from your direct referrals! List products and services on your included VStore™! Earn commissions for ANY product listed in the VStore™ even if it's not yours! Easily add extra income streams!


We offer email support through the "Contact" link. Requests are answered within 1-2 business days.

Your Entry Pass Towards Success

A carefully conceived fusion of the direct referral industry, the stability of an hourly wage income, and the lucrative potential of a residual referral program creates a launching pad towards financial freedom for everyone!

The Fusion of Multiple Components Creates the Ultimate Opportunity!

Can you imagine if you had referred 40 people and had them lined up to take the same training class as you? You would have referral commissions lined up for your first payday on top of your hourly earnings! The potential is limitless!

Simple & Powerful

As an agent, all you need to succeed is to follow these steps


Join The Vega Star System

Register as an agent, follow the steps and setup your profile.

Enroll in and pass a certification course

Select your client and commit to 100% attendance throughout the training period.

Meet your Statement of Work requirements and refer others to work with us!

Referring others to work + maintaining quality metrics = your key to sucess!

Power to the People!


Vega Star offers a cutting-edge, never before seen opportunity for the average person to finally be able to generate a stable, secure income from home, and be given the tools and platform needed to create an income and lifestyle that will cause lasting, positive changes in the member's life.

  • We offer several ways to get started, and you can decide which option is right for you.
  • If you're in need of extra income, and want a stable, reliable, hourly based income source, you can become a VS Agent™, and start working from home, refer and earn commissions on your virtual team!
  • If you are already financially established, have an existing business that offers a product or electronically deliverable service, and are looking to expand your income portfolio, you may want to consider becoming a VS Vendor™ with Vega Star.
  • Becoming a VS Vendor™ with VegaStar will allow you to list your products and e-services for sale! This benefits you because you will have an army of affiliates promoting your product and service! You will also be able to promote any other VS Vendor™ product or service, and earn sales commissions!
  • If you are feeling extra ambitious, you can become a VS Partner™. VS Partner™ memberships include all lower tier membership features. Becoming a VS Partner™ allows you to refer and earn on VS Agents™, VS Vendors™ and other VS Partners™.


For more info, visit the "Details" page.

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